Protecting Employees & Student



Health at the Forefront
Keeping people safe is top of mind for everyone during this unprecedented time. Here at Ghent we have been evolving our options to meet the demand of protecting employee and student wellbeing.

Creating Peace of Mind
Transitioning back to work and school is bound to have its share of challenges. A big hurdle to overcome is giving people peace of mind during this time of unease. Leaders are planning how to meet changing needs in offices and schools. In a Wired article an excellent point is made: “Having that divider will make people feel safer. That shield between desks will be really important.” said Michael Boonshoft, a spokesperson for Cushman & Wakefield, a commercial real estate company that has drawn up guidelines for reopening office spaces.

Dividers, Partitions, Protective Screens, and Shields 
How can your company or school pivot for getting back to work and school? Clear dividers may be one of the essential answers. Here are some examples of dividers, partition extenders, protective screens, and protective shields that Ghent provides.

Clear Personal Desktop Divider
Protect students, teachers, and employees in classrooms and workplaces with freestanding Personal Desktop Protective Screens from Ghent. The clear acrylic shield helps maintain physical separation while allowing visibility for face to face interaction and conversation. Interlocking panels are available in both U- and L-shapes to create multiple configurations.

Clear Mobile Divider
Provide an extra margin of safety during the health screening process for both employees and those doing the screening. Available in clear acrylic or clear glass—or clear acrylic with a cut out for temperature evaluation or glass with the cut out. This mobile divider can also be used for separating workstations without obstructing the view between employees.

Partition Extenders
Add height to cubicles and partitions for added protection, reduced noise, and privacy. Save time and money with these panel extenders that are designed to fit on most standard panel and cubicle systems from major office furniture manufacturers. 

Attachable Desktop Protective Screen
Separate desks and workstations quickly with this attachable and freestanding option. Available in clear or frosted acrylic or glass, the view between employees is not obstructed and light is still able to pass through. The divider can be easily cleaned and adjusted to fit most desks and tables. 

Acoustic Desktop Surround
Create your safe space with Ghent’s Acoustic Desktop Surround. Made from recycled bottles, the PET felt creates privacy from visual distractions while also absorbing disruptive noise. Keep out unwanted distractions so you can better focus while staying connected with colleagues. The unique curved design helps conceal computer screens and any cable clutter in an orderly fashion. Perfect for use in classrooms, home office, shared office spaces, or libraries as a portable study carrel, the Acoustic Desktop Surround is lightweight and easily moved between locations. 

Discuss Options
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