Choose the Right Surface: Glass or Acrylic?


clear mobile dividersPicking the right products to provide the extra margin of safety for employees as workplaces and schools reopen is important. Invest in high-quality, made in the USA product to protect employees. Many physical separation solutions from Ghent are available with choice of clear glass or clear plastic acrylic. Explore the benefits and choose the right application. 



The first purpose of these safety solutions is to provide an extra margin of safety, but it could be beneficial for the surface to have multiple functions. With a glass surface, the divider can be used as both a physical barrier as well as a markerboard. Dry erase markers will not ghost or stain the glass surface and can be used as a collaboration tool. It is not recommended to use dry erase markers on acrylic. Over time, markers may stain the surface and leaves marks that are difficult to remove. 



Cleanability and disinfecting is essential for employees and students going back into the office and classroom. Find a product that will provide physical barriers between people, but not become a hassle to clean throughout the day.  

When it comes to disinfecting the surface, glass will be easier to clean. Special cleaners are not required, and glass can be cleaned with water, whiteboard cleaner, and disinfectants like Virex or Cavi Wipes without harming the surface. When cleaning plastic acrylic, it is recommended to use only compatible household cleaners. A few examples are pharmacy grade hydrogen peroxide, diluted isopropyl alcohol, or diluted household grade bleach.  



Glass products carry a 10-year warranty. The surface has a longer use as the surface will not yellow or scratch. Tempered safety glass is heat strengthened to prevent shattering and cracking. Ghent’s acrylic products carry a 1-year warranty. Over time, the clear plastic may yellow and if not cared for properly, could easily scratch or crack.  


Lead Times 

During this time, glass is readily available while acrylic is in high demand. Because of this, Ghent can provide glass much quicker than our acrylic that has varying lead times. On bulk orders for both surfaces, shipping on skids will lessen packaging and waste while keeping your products safe and damage free during transportation. 


Quality & Price 

While it is assumed that glass will outperform acrylic in quality and lifetime, many people may be hesitant to choose glass over acrylic due to price. Based on the high demand in acrylic at this time, glass and acrylic surfaces are at similar price points. Consider investing in high quality products to provide a solution for physical distancing and cleanability as businesses and schools begin to meet in person again. 

glass vs. acrylic


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