GMi Announces Rep of the Year: Allor Group from Michigan

GMi Companies, the parent company of Ghent, Waddell, and VividBoard, is pleased to announce Allor Group has received the Rep of the Year award.

“We’re honored to be recognized as GMi’s rep of the year,” Rick Allor, Principal of Allor Group, said. “We knew our market needed a solution for communication tools. With highly styled and highly designed whiteboards and glassboards at competitive price points combined with quick ship delivery and excellent customer service, our customers realized the benefit of these tools immediately. GMi made our jobs easy.”

The Allor team has 4 reps covering the state of Michigan, with their focus on interior furnishing for corporate, higher education, healthcare and hospitality. They pride themselves on the relationships they’ve build for the last 20 years with designers and dealers across the state. Ghent’s whiteboards, glassboards, and mobiles, VividBoard’s patient room boards, and Waddell’s space division furniture complement the rest of their lines.

“We couldn't be more excited in the growth out of a territory so close to home,” commented National Sales Manager Ashley Blevins. “With our headquarters in Ohio it may be hard for us to cheer on the state up North, unless you have a team like the Allor Group in your corner. Their team exemplifies what we have worked hard to find in our partners at GMi: Drive, Trust, Honesty, and Persistence. This is exactly why they were able to earn this award after only two years as our partners.”

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