Creative Solutions for Getting Back to Work

Ghent and Waddell provide tools that help all types of facilities communicate, collaborate and learn. With US-based manufacturing facilities, Ghent and Waddell have come up with creative solutions that were once used for communication that are now providing the extra margin of safety needed to open business. 

“In times like these, it’s the customers who are driving our product decisions,” said Chief Sales Officer Brad Pierce. “Many companies approached us about modifying our products for new needs. Our goal was to help and deliver a solution as quickly as possible. These aren’t necessarily the future of our products, but it is what people need from us now, and we’re here to support them.” 

By quickly evaluating and adapting current products, Ghent has developed 4 new series of products to meet the needs of restaurants, schools, and workplaces that need to physically separate and protect their workforce and customers. By using parts from other standard products, Ghent has developed freestanding partitions and desktop dividers to mobile units for temperature taking.  

With space division combined with communication tools at the core of what Waddell is known for, pieces and parts have been repurposed to create Countertop Acrylic Barriers, more commonly referred to as “sneeze guards.” Available in two styles and designed for use in banks, hotels, and lobbies, they are also available for quick ship. 

The need for partitions and separation is evident in all offices and facilities, including the GMi headquarters in Lebanon, Ohio. Not only are safeguards needed in the local facility, but thousands of businesses are taking the same steps to encourage social distancing are looking for creative solutions. 

“This goes almost without saying, but like many of you, keeping our employees and partners safe is a top priority,” commented Chief Operating Officer John D’Agostino. “I’m proud of the work our team is doing not only to keep themselves safe, but help others remain healthy.”

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