A Longer Lasting Whiteboard



Shadows of Meetings Past
We’ve all seen it: when trying to start a meeting, there are remnants from the last. The whiteboard is holding on to writing from the previous session and it’s distracting for this one. What to do? Invest in a better, longer-lasting whiteboard.


A Better Board 
Ghent whiteboards resist staining, scratching, and ghosting. The surface is smooth and easy to clean, helping you keep the whiteboard looking brand new.


Built for Decades 
We mean it when we say longevity. Two of our whiteboards (Porcelain and Acrylite) come with a 50-year warranty and one (Painted Steel) comes with a 20-year warranty.

Unsurpassed in performance and durability. Designed for everyday use by featuring a porcelain-on-steel surface that will resist scratching, denting or staining.

The acrylic writing surface is as durable as porcelain and glass writing surfaces. Acrylite is a lightweight material that has the look of glass, providing a heightened aesthetic.

With a beautiful white surface that is easy to clean, Ghent's painted steel surface is magnetic and durable, designed for moderate use. Staining and ghosting resistant, painted steel is built to last and perform.


Two more excellent options (that also carry a 50-year warranty) are actually glassboards:

Achieve the look of weightless, floating glass. No visible hanging hardware or stand-offs allow the beauty of the frameless glass to complement any décor creating an unobstructed writing surface. Aria Glassboards will never bow, strain, or move from the wall.

Harmony Glassboards are offered with square or round corners, paired with matching polished silver standoffs. Sitting 1 1/4" off the wall, the shadowing and space provide depth and dimension that complements the modern aesthetic found in offices and workplaces.


Continuous Care
We’ve gathered some suggestions on how to keep your whiteboard looking tip-top:

  • •  We recommend that you clean your whiteboard with whiteboard cleaner before initial use. This will remove any residue from the surface of the board. 
  • •  Rinse thoroughly with clean water and dry with a soft cloth. 
  • •  Completely erase your board after daily use. The longer marks remain on the board, the more difficult they become to erase. 
  • •  Stubborn, old marks can be erased by marking over them with your black erasable marker. 
  • •  For general cleaning, simply wipe your board clean with a soft, wet cloth. If further cleaning is necessary, use whiteboard cleaner.


Why Buy for Longevity?
Well-made whiteboards are an eco-friendly choice, eliminating the need to keep adding to the landfill. Long term, you’re saving money from not having to constantly replace your whiteboard. Lastly, they look and perform better! Check out your options today.



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