Importance of Made in the USA

Meaning of American Made

“Made in the USA” is more than just a statement next to a flag on a sticker. There are a whole host of benefits in buying American made. To start, your dollars stay here in the US by supporting American jobs. Also, consider these advantages.

Made in the USA leads to:

  • •  lower damage rates
  • •  shorter lead times
  • •  high quality materials


Fewer Stops

The lower damage rates are thanks to fewer shipping stops. Instead of making multiple hand-offs at several different locations all around the globe, a shipment to and from the US means a minimal amount of layovers.


Safe Shipping Guarantee

With the lowest damage rates in the industry, you can trust us and our commitment to ship on-time and damage free! In fact, we have a special offer. To combat your fears with freight damage, we guarantee our products arrive as expected, or we replace them for free, and fast! We will expedite your replacement and ship it, generally within 24 to 48 hours.


Get it More Quickly

Another advantage of fewer shipping stops means shorter lead times. You’ll get your Ghent product faster and be able to put it into your rotation sooner.


Longevity & Looks

Lastly, the quality of our materials speak for themselves–long-lasting and high design. We have the perfect pieces to complete your space.

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