Ghent Introduces: Prest





The latest mobile whiteboard offering from visual communication leader Ghent, a GMi Company, comes in the form of an industrial-styled, double-sided board named Prest. Taking a twist on the traditional whiteboard, Prest elevates the classic communication tool to a beautiful piece of furniture.

“Prest was named to pay respect to Brian Preston,” noted Ryan Castle, GMi’s Product Designer.  “As GMi’s engineer for many years, he worked on this project to add to Ghent’s line of mobiles before tragically passing away from cancer in 2019. This mobile really shows Brian’s aesthetic: mixed materials, natural elements, using nuts and bolts. It is the ultimate in form meets function, just like Brian.”

While Preston didn’t get to see the finished product, he would have been pleased with the outcome.

Prest is an intentionally simple visual communication tool. It is designed to not only be pleasing aesthetically but also with a lot of thought on how whiteboards are used. Walls are continually coming down in workspaces and companies rely on movable products to be multifunctional. Prest fits the bill bringing mobility and a writable surface combined with natural elements like wood with beautiful, sustainable fabrics.

An option for any collaboration space, classroom, or break out zone, Prest joins Ghent’s full mobile offering. With expertly curated options hand selected by color, material and finish consultant Kerry Rowe of Kerry Rowe Design, Prest can be customized to match virtually any interior from industrial loft to refined conference room.

“Mobiles, space division, and acoustic solutions continue to be our most requested products,” added Scott Bowers, Director of Product. “Our customers are demanding products to help with their space challenges like having fewer walls leading to less wall space but still needing collaborative spaces. Prest is designed to accommodate changing needs, making it an agile solution to all of these challenges.”

Taking a cue from nature, the frame is available in three finish options chosen to highlight the beauty of the wood. Adding to the functionality, a standard selection of 21 Maharam fabrics can be swapped for one of the whiteboard surfaces. The fabrics are acoustically rated and tackable, providing both sound absorption and a place to post bulletins.


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