Ghosting in Whiteboards


Ghastly Ghosting

You’re thinking of investing in a whiteboard but you want one that will hold up for years to come. “Ghosting” is something you should know about. It happens when even after vigorously erasing, some of the dry erase marker is left behind. Instead of being left with a clean slate, distracting, ghost-like marks remain.


The Cause

What causes ghosting? It’s a catch-22. You need to clean your board every few uses to prevent marker build-up, but the same cleaners that help remove marker cause deterioration of the board and make it harder to get it completely clear.


Whiteboards Versus Glassboards 

If you want to protect your purchase from ghosting, invest in a high-quality whiteboard. However, if you want to ensure you’ll never get the slightest bit of ghosting, consider a glassboard instead. While whiteboards are slightly porous, glassboards are non-porous. That means there are no indentations to possibly absorb pigment from dry erase markers.


Sustainable and Eco-Friendly

Glassboards may have a higher charge upfront, but you’re saving money long term because you won’t have to be repeatedly replace whiteboards due to eventual ghosting. Not only does that make glassboards more environmentally friendly (since it turns out to be less waste) but in addition to this sustainability, the glassboards are 100% recyclable and made from recycled glass and sand.


Options Galore 

Ghent has an excellent variety of whiteboards with both magnetic and mobile options, along with having several different styles with graphics integrated. And our glassboards also have magnetic and mobile options along with 13 standard color choices. Custom colors and logo printing are also available.


Smart Choice

Whiteboards and glassboards are a great tool to share ideas, promote collaboration, and support visual thinkers. Add a quality board to your office or classroom and see for yourself the impact it makes!

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