Trends in the Workplace



Dynamic Designs 
Looking for possibilities on how to enliven your space? It’s an exciting time in the industry, filled with interesting concepts and looks to make the office more inviting. Finding ways to incorporate trends in the workplace can help retain and delight employees. Weaving in designs with a modern look make spaces more dynamic and full of energy. While at NeoCon 2019, we observed––and took note––of the biggest design trends in the workplace at the moment.


Having options to mix things up quickly is a main trend for 2019. Easily being able to reconfigure for a new look is a major advantage. LINK Wedge Whiteboards are magnetic and can be hung from the top or bottom, allowing you to experiment with the tilt of the board.


Agile and Modular 
Establish visual privacy with our mobile glassboard, Stroll. It also allows for collaboration, acoustic buffering, or a tackable surface. Use the glass mobile alone, or line up multiple units to divide an open office. Whether you’re brainstorming with a group, or in your office alone, our Stroll Mobile Glassboard is a versatile and exciting addition to your interior workspace.


Minimal Yet Movable 
Minimalist designs let your own intellectual property take center stage. Roam helps set your brainstorm sessions free––to really get the good ideas flowing. Line up multiple Roam whiteboards to create a larger dry erase surface for use during presentations or move them around the room for breakout sessions. When not in use, the unique nesting feature allows multiple units to fit within a single footprint, maximizing your valuable space.


Form and Function 
Geometric designs are another big trend. For a professional yet artistic look, try our whiteboards that are shaped like hexagons, LINK Hex Whiteboards. Combine form and function by turning your whiteboards into pieces of art. Group together for a modern feel and choose to hang either with pointed or straight edge up.


Mixed Materials and Textures 
Combining different materials and textures adds visual interest to a space. Whether it’s a juxtaposition of wood next to glass, fabric next to metal, or marble next to woven materials––putting two unlike materials together can create a lively look. Our mobile glassboard, Stroll has the option for the piece to be 3/4 glass with 1/4 acoustical fabric.


Rolled Cork 
Recycled rubber and cork are self-healing materials which will resolve pin holes for years to come. That means it’s a super sustainable material that’s a great choice for your bulletin boards. You can find it in our traditional or premium cork bulletin boards.


Branding Through
An article from Ambius expressed it well: “As part of the renewed push for office creativity comes a rise in office “personality.” Workspaces are beginning to wear the spirit of the company and its various cultural cues on their walls.” An excellent feature of Ghent products is that many can be customized to match your company’s colors. For example, Stroll allows for endless possibilities including custom glass colors, designs, and logos. Contact us today to discover how we can update your office! 

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