Have a Lighting Problem in Your Office?


Glass Could Be Your Solution
Enhanced productivity, elevated mood, healthy vision–all good things, right? Every worker wants to make the most of his or her time at the office.  The question is: what are the fundamental factors that can make that happen? It appears that natural light is a leading contributor. Just leverage that wonderful, naturally-occurring resource: sunlight.


Increased Natural Lighting = Increased Alertness
According to a 2018 study by Cornell University, workers in offices with exposure to natural light reported an 84% decrease in eyestrain, migraines, and blurry vision. They also reported a 10% decrease in drowsiness. And that 84% showed up again with increased happiness. The numbers reinforce what we intuitively know: natural light boosts well-being.


When Artificial Lighting Isn’t Enough
If you keep adding lighting fixtures, but the effect is still less than to be desired, consider switching opaque dividers with transparent or translucent materials. Conference rooms can even be paneled in glass to let in more light and create a more open atmosphere. If privacy is a concern, a frosted glass can be used across the lower half to protect any confidential documents.

Another option is to strategically place a light-colored glassboard across from a window to help more sunlight bounce into the room. Ghent offers a variety of glassboards–from clear or frosted to 13 standard color options–or an option to customize the color to match your space. However, the lighter the color, the more light will be reflected.


Make the Most of Your Light
Using glass as dividers or wall hangings allows more natural sunlight to illuminate spaces and make the office–and workers–healthier and happier. Instead of drywall or traditional cubicle materials, glass can amplify the natural light and eliminate the need for harsh fluorescent lighting.

The answer is clear. Switch to glass and let the sun shine in. Request a quote today and find out how Ghent can help brighten up your space.


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