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The Importance of In-Store Sampling

A New World For Sampling
As a designer, it’s no secret that people make purchasing decisions for all sorts of reasons. Whether it’s a planned decision or an impulsive one, there’s an important role that in-store samples play during the decision process. In-store sampling allows buyers to feel like they “know” what they’re getting, and become more likely to buy on the spot or sometime in the future.

In fact, sampling has been taken to a whole new level by companies such as Ipsy, who built a business model where makeup consumers subscribe for $10 per month to regularly sample a large variety of makeup brands. In this online world, people still rely on samples for purchase decisions when they’re available.

Introducing Ghent’s Rep Locator
With the above in mind, it’s important for designers to maintain samples in-store in addition to an online catalog or material library as it will drive sales and inspire confidence in the customer. Because we strive to give our customers exactly what they want, we created an intuitive online presence so designers can have their most marketable samples on hand and give their buyer a great experience. If you want to get in touch with one of our reps, be sure to visit our Online Rep Locator or Schedule A Meeting.

If you're local to Chicago, get the full Ghent experience (as well as information on our sister brands Waddell and VividBoard) in our showroom in the Merchandise Mart. We have all of our featured products on display as well as samples and literature of our full collection.

Want to add our samples to your display or library? Order your own. We have samples of our glassboardswhiteboardsbulletin boards, our VividBoard and Waddell product line, as well as hard copies of our literature all available for order and shipment to your facility. 


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