Are You Leaving Profit on the Wall?

When was the last time you included visual communications products into a project you're working on?

If the answer is not recently, then it's time to reconsider adding in glassboards, whiteboards, mobiles, bulletin boards, and enclosed boards into the scope!


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Visual communications products are not only necessary to complete a space and make it functional for whoever is using it, but they also will add to your overall profit on the project! Here's how:

Margins on ancillary products are generally higher. Even though the price per unit may be lower than casegoods, the amount of units placed will add up through the project. 
You can create cohesive environments. There is nothing worse than entering a new space and realizing the tools you need are not available. Set your customers up for success with functional tools they need. 
You get to be the expert by being a value add partner. Add expertise and knowledge about additional products and keep them coming back for additional needs. 

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