The Art of Glass - Increase Employee Well Being & Productivity


Glass, a natural material that uses 20% pre-consumer recycled materials, is manufactured using some of earth’s most plentiful raw materials. This means, unlike other products, glass offers sustainability and contributes to LEED practices. This alone, may tell the story about why glass is a popular choice in office design, building designs and basically everywhere we look. But another key reason you see glass in almost all designs, is its ability to increase employee well-being and productivity by bringing natural light into the environment.

Well Being
Think about a manufacturing plant or offices that are dark, stale, or mimic large boxes with no integration of the outside world for its occupants. Do you think that has a good outcome to those working in that “box” or “cubicle on the left?” Now imagine incorporating windows or glass as dividers to bring natural light into that same environment. As simple as it seems, doing this can drastically influence safety and health of employees.

Studies have shown that increasing natural light helps with issues like eyestrain, headaches, and even fatigue. According to Psychology Today, neuroscientists at Northwestern University say that “workers in offices with windows enjoyed 173% more white light exposure during work hours and slept an average of 46 more minutes each night.”

Overall, the study concluded that lighting led to less sleep disturbance, which ultimately increases daytime performance.

According to studies hosted by the National Sleep Foundation and, sleep makes employees more productive by:

1. Helping you recover from distractions faster
2. Prevents burnout
3. Enhances decision making skills
4. Improves memory
5. Will help you make fewer mistakes

So, as simple as it seems, increasing daylight in spaces has major benefits. Ways to increase daylight in your environments could mean, introducing more windows, taking down walls, using glass as dividers, or installing glass on walls for an aesthetically pleasing design with added functionality by using glass as a whiteboard.

Ghent Glass Markerboards
Glass markerboards by Ghent can help you improve employee wellness and engagement by bring in sustainable products that enhance lighting and improves productivity. All Ghent glassboards use ¼” tempered glass as a standard, ensuring that your board will not bow, bend, or ghost. Request a quote for you glassboard today!


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