The Art of Glass - Aesthetics

"The use of decorative glass in place of walls, doors, furniture components and markerboards provides a wide range of desirable options without VOC's" "Unlike drywall and mill work, decorative glass products need no repainting, refinishing, etc."
-GANA Decorative Glass LEED White Paper

When the A&D community designs or specs which products they will use in their projects, they must first ask the following questions: will it blend seamlessly, will it stand out, what functionality does it pose, and what does their client want? Throughout all the research they must do to decipher the answers to those questions, the main gift they have is the ability to design functional, yet stunning environments. Glass is the perfect product that can be used in a variety of ways to achieve that and heres why:

Increases Daylight in Main Spaces
The opacity of glass allows light to naturally filter into a space and has been proven to increase employee well-being and productivity. Including windows, glass dividers, glass walls and glass whiteboards in your office space increases daylight and the overall aesthetic of your environment. Glass is not only functional, but it can blend with any design style.

Complements Open Concept Designs
With the design community constantly integrating open concept floorplans that promote collaboration, glass can be used to divide spaces while maintaining an open feeling throughout. With glass influencing furniture and finishes from partitions, dividers, benching, walls, and even dry erase boards and mobile glassboards, implementing glass into projects and designs is painless, and customers will love it.

Sleek & Modern Appearance
Glass naturally brings any space up to modern times, with its sleek, clean and simple appearance. With the ability to customize glass, you can decide what size, color or style fits with your interior, and you can brand the glassboard with logos or graphics to create a unique writing surface that can be placed in almost any environment.

Ghent Glass Whiteboards
Ghent glass whiteboards are offered in 13 standard colors, can be enhanced with custom graphics or include company branding and logos. Products include Aria Low Profile Glassboards, Harmony Glassboards with Standoffs, and Stroll Mobile Glassboards. Backed by Ghent’s 50 year warranty, (Aria & Harmony) and 10 year warranty, (Stroll) you can trust that your glassboard will not bow, strain, or ghost.


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