The Art of Glass - How Glass Is Made

Just take a second and look around, in most instances you will find glass in your surroundings and in various applications.  Windows, doors, dividers, screens, and even your glass whiteboard. Glass is everywhere, but have you ever wondered about the science that goes into producing it?  Let us walk you through the process:

Step 1
Raw materials composed of silica sand, soda ash, limestone and other materials are combined into a furnace.

Step 2
The raw materials are heated at 2900°F to produce molten glass that will then flow into an assembly line process.

Step 3
Molten glass floats into a bin that will produce the thickness, shape and dimensions that the glass will become.

Step 4
Throughout the process, gears are moving the glass along as it begins to cool to 1100°F.

Step 5
As controlled cooling begins, annealed glass is formed.

Step 6
The glass is cut to desired dimensions and coated for various fabrications depending on the use of the glass.

Stay tuned to learn more about glass with our Art of Glass Series 2: Types of Glass coming soon.

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