Choosing the Right Colors


Kerry Rowe has over 20 years of design and development experience in the commercial interiors market. Naturally curious, observant and perceptive, and skilled in balancing business needs with culturally relevant aesthetics, Kerry’s career is steeped in the nuances of color and materials, which is exactly why we're excited to introduce you to her in a Q&A below!

Q: At a high level, take us through the process of choosing colors?
A: The overall process that I live and breath daily: Identify needs, relevant trends and inspiration to inform the outcome. I look for unique ways to differentiate a color, by understanding how materials and finishes can be used as a way to communicate a brand direction.

Q: Tell us a little bit about where you find inspiration.
A: Color and design trends are in constant motion, but what makes something rise and fall? What are the factors involved? Studying trends and the phenomenon that creates the climate in which these trends take place is something I envision as a social anthropologist.

I pay special attention to fashion runway trends but am personally inspired by food and beverage trends and the color pairings that are inspired by various flavor profiles. The various textures and warmth in food directly relate to the warming of overall color palettes.

Q: Is it different to add to an existing line compared to creating an entirely new line of color?
A: Yes! When looking at augmenting a line, it’s key to determine needs or voids in the existing color offering. I then consider how a new color might fit within the entire grouping. When creating a brand new line, I have to take into consideration market requirements and brand identity. My personal goal is to provide color lines that have a personality and are unexpected, but still usable.

Q: Tell us more about adding to a line since that’s what you did for Ghent’s color portfolio.
A: I like to look at the offering holistically to determine needs. Each color that is added needs to have a purpose, but also needs to support the Ghent brand and the overall target market. I observe what is happening with culture, society, the economy, politics, the environment and with new technologies. I then consider how these societal and cultural movements are contributing and shaping the new emerging trends.

Q: Finally, from a material and design element standpoint, what is standing out to you?
A: Glass and wood continue to gain traction in the world of interiors. Both of these natural materials are in the forefront because of their authentic, tactile and engaging qualities. Glass, while a natural material, has become a wonderful vehicle for color. I am always looking for a cool, new, unexpected place to apply color: the inside of a drawer, a base or leg, or the inside of a trough for example. Unique color placement helps create a special and memorable product.

To see Kerry’s work in action, check out our Glassboards (Harmony, Aria and Stroll) as well as our LINK family of products.

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