Next Generation Whiteboards


Keep It Simple

Elegant - designed to co-exist in the world of future systems and communication tools, the clean lines of Simplicity de-emphasize the impact of the frame, giving the board a virtually frameless feel. Innovative - by incorporating a material never before used in a commercial whiteboard, Simplicity becomes a one-of-a-kind communication tool. Durable - the patented Acrylite® surface is twice the scratch resistance of glass, but only half the weight. This means a more dependable board that is easier to handle. Mountable - our invisible mounting system uses a z-bar hanging bracket to ensure a level hang with minimal work.


We believe making something simple is one of the hardest tasks. That's why we have painstakingly worked to make Simplicity the most simple, elegant, and functional whiteboard in the world. unnamed-1unnamed-2unnamed-3

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