Simplicity Whiteboards

Simplicity Whiteboards

Next Generation Whiteboards

Simplicity was designed to bring elegance to your whiteboard. Designed to co-exist in the world of furniture systems and communication tools, the seamless lines and shadow-reveal are intentionally crafted to make the ordinary extraordinary. Couple these features with a next-generation Acrylite writing surface, and Simplicity becomes a one-of-a-kind communication tool.

Simplicity Whiteboards
Simplicity Whiteboards

The clean lines of Simplicity de-emphasize the impact of the frame, giving the board a virtually frameless feel

Simplicity Whiteboards

Patented Acrylite® surface has twice the scratch resistance of glass, but only half the weight

Simplicity Whiteboards
Easy Install

Our invisible mounting system uses a z-bar hanging bracket to ensure a level hang with minimal work

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Product Details
  • Simplicity is a 1/4" Acrylite® surface with polished flat edges that are accentuated with a sleek Satin Anodized Aluminum frame
  • The shadow-reveal allows the writing surface to float proud of the frame, the overall depth is 1-1/8"
  • Available in six standard sizes, each board includes four markers and one eraser
  • Ships standard with accessory tray - optional marker basket is available
  • Backed by Ghent's 50-Year Warranty 

Frame Options

Surface Options

10-Day Shipping10-Day Shipping
Magnetic Option AvailableMagnetic Option Available
TAA CompliantTAA Compliant
50 Year Warranty50 Year Warranty
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Simplicity Non-Magnetic

Item No.



List Price ($)


Simplicity Non-Magnetic 2' x 3'

22 lbs.



Simplicity Non-Magnetic 3' x 4'

38 lbs.



Simplicity Non-Magnetic 4' x 4'

47 lbs.



Simplicity Non-Magnetic 4' x 5'

57 lbs.



Simplicity Non-Magnetic 4' x 6'

70 lbs.

SIO48A Simplicity Non-Magnetic 4' x 8' 90 lbs. $2,991.00

Simplicity - Magnetic 

Item No.



List Price ($)


Simplicity - Magnetic 2' x 3'

29 lbs.



Simplicity - Magnetic 3' x 4'

53 lbs.



Simplicity - Magnetic 4' x 4'

68 lbs.



Simplicity - Magnetic 4' x 5'

83 lbs.



Simplicity - Magnetic 4' x 6'

102 lbs.

SIO48AM Simplicity - Magnetic 4' x 8' 133 lbs. $3,558.00

Simplicity Basket

Item #


List Price

ASB50WH1 Just the basket $22.00
ASB54WH1 Basket and 4 markers $36.00

Accessories Included: 4 markers, 1 eraser, and attachable aluminum tray
Optional Accessories: Marker basket

Simplicity Whiteboards
Why Simplicity Whiteboards?
  • Acrylite is a lightweight, durable writing surface, resisting staining, ghosting and scratching.
  • Whiteboard surface floats above the edge of the frame, making the board look as if it is floating.
  • Aesthetic fits with modern offices and designs, adding heightened style and detail to a space.
  • Slanted aluminum framing has a thin profile and casts a shadow on the wall, creating depth and dimension.
  • Each board carries a 50-year manufacturer warranty and is made in the USA.

Ghent's Simplicity Whiteboard is the next generation writing surface, with the look of glass, but half the weight. By incorporating a material never before used in corporate whiteboards, Simplicity offers a one-of-a-kind writing surface that is dependable and easy to handle. The bright white surface resists staining, ghosting and scratching, keeping the surface beautiful and dependable even after years or writing and erasing. Paired with a satin aluminum frame that is designed to create dimension, the writing surface is bordered by a thin aluminum profile that defines the edges of the board and focuses your attention on the board. With a detachable accessory tray, you can store markers within arms reach, making it easy to clean and use in back-to-back meetings. Constructed with an invisible mounting system that uses a z-bar hanging bracket, installation is made easy, ensuring a level hang with minimal work. Available in 6 sizes, Simplicity dry erase boards can be placed in personal offices or boardrooms, with a style that will match and heighten the design of any space. Each board is packed in Ghent's worry-free packaging, designed specifically for shipping whiteboards. Simplicity Whiteboards carry a 50-year manufacturer warranty and is made in the USA.