Planner Whiteboards

Planner Whiteboards

Annual and Monthly Planners

The perfect tool to keep track of appointments and meetings. With 3 different layout options, you can decide what graphics work for your needs. The rounded board gives the planner a stylish look.

Planner Whiteboards
Planner Whiteboards

Choose between 3 different calendar styles: annual, monthly, and four-month planner

Planner Whiteboards

Rounded corners are paired with black and red graphics

Planner Whiteboards

Silkscreened graphics display planners for keeping track of meetings and appointments

Product Details
  • Planners available in three formats: One Month, Four Month or Annual
  • Durable non-magnetic surface is dry erasable
  • Features silk-screened graphics applied in two colors for greater visibility
  • Board has rounded corners and is frameless
  • Carries a 1-Year warranty


1 Year Warranty1 Year Warranty
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Surface Options
  • Manufacturer/Company: Ghent
  • Product: Planner Whiteboard
  • Graphic Options: One month; Four months; Annual
  • Quantity:
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Made in the USA

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Item #



List Price

984515  2'H x 3'W Monthly Planner Whiteboard with Radius Corners $ 124
984516  2'H x 3'W 4 Month Whiteboard Calendar with Radius Corners $ 124
984517  2'H x 3'W 12 Month Whiteboard Calendar with Radius Corners $ 124
WHY Planner Whiteboards?
  • Each board is round and smoothed to accentuate the edge.
  • The non-magnetic whiteboards have calendar graphics that help the user keep track of information and meetings.
  • Choose between multiple graphics, including annual, monthly, and four month planner
  • Simple colors and graphics can blend seamlessly with any interior, offering form and function.

Ghent’s economy whiteboard planners are a great way to effectively keep track of your valuable time.  Planners are a roomy 2’x3’ size available in One Month, Four Month and Annual formats.  The durable non-magnetic surface is dry erasable and features silk-screened graphics applied in two colors for greater visibility.  The board has smooth, rounded corners.  It comes complete with a black marker and eraser.