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How Care Teams Can Use Whiteboards to Effectively Work Together

Hospital whiteboards are effective communication tools that can increase patient satisfaction, comfort and involvement in their care. But this is not their only use in medical settings; hospital whiteboards are also an effective means of communication among staff members. Care teams utilize these boards to coordinate the treatment of patients along with a variety of other uses. It’s why they are so commonly placed in surgical, trauma and emergency areas of hospitals.

Jan 13, 2020



How New Hospital Layouts are Increasing Efficiency and Safety

The foundation of all architectural design is the layout of a building. This is especially true when it comes to hospitals. A hospital’s layout directly affects the efficiency of staff, safety of patients and even the profitability of the company. Its importance cannot be understated.

Dec 18, 2019


How Hospitals Are Addressing the Two Most Important Patient Needs

The patient has always been at the center of healthcare. The ways doctors, nurses and hospitals have approached treating patients has long been solely focused on treating them based on their condition. While this is still largely the case when it comes to patient treatment, hospitals are now focused more than ever on treating patient needs alongside their underlying conditions.

Dec 18, 2019