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The 6 Best Places to Use Whiteboards in the Hospital

We have designed and placed whiteboards in facilities across the country. Where can you use a whiteboard? Here are the six most common places.

The Problem of Balancing Patient Satisfaction and Health

When patients suffer from diseases and injuries that require a long-term recovery plan, hospitals begin to take on the character of a hotel.

Overcoming the Issues Nurses Face on the Job

The nursing field has it's share of issues. Usually relating to time constraints and patient communication, these issues result in work related stress.

How Hospital Design Helps Patients Heal

What if you could combine the beauty of art with the benefits of increasing patient communication, all with a single addition to any hospital room?

Whiteboards in Behavioral Healthcare

Room design in behavioral healthcare is a large component of effective treatment of mental health issues.

The Top 10 Issues Patients Face During Their Hospital Stay

Studies have found that the vast majority of hospital patient complaints are related to the customer service they receive, specifically in the areas of communication.

The Best Way to Treat Overly Anxious Hospital Patients

Patient anxiety and satisfaction are ultimately linked, as anxious patients are far more likely to consider their stay at a hospital as unsatisfactory.

Using Whiteboards in Your Daily Treatment Plan

The day-to-day treatment of hospital patients is where the most complaints and issues arise, ultimately leading to a decrease in patient satisfaction.