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Biophilic Design in Hospitals—Pros & Cons

Learn the importance of biophilic design when incorporated into hospitals. Understand the benefits and obstacles that come with integrating plants into a medical environment, so that patients feel the full benefits.

Aug 13, 2021


The Impact of Colors in Hospital

Learn about color theory and how it impacts your healthcare business. The importance of choosing calming, soothing colors can leave a positive mark on a patient, just like adverse colors can leave the opposite. By understanding color theory in the healthcare field, you can create a patient-centered space with ease and clarity.

Jul 29, 2021


How to Design Your Board to be Inclusive of Non-Verbal Patients

Inclusivity is a crucial aspect when it comes to the functionality of hospitals and other medical establishments. This article contains design tips when considering non-verbal patients in your whiteboard design. Customize your patient whiteboard today with Ghent Healthcare.

Jul 02, 2021


Sanitize, Organize, Stay Efficient, and Don’t Lose Your Mind!

At Ghent Healthcare, our whiteboards are designed with intention and ease in mind! We understand that hospitals and medical institutions need every facet of their space to be organized and efficient, and are proud to reflect those needs in how our products are designed.

Jun 11, 2021


Staying Efficient with Nurse Station Boards

Nurses are the primary caregivers to any patient that comes to a hospital. For any job, organization is massively influential to the overall productivity of the space, however, with nurses having such a powerful (and no doubt high-stress) role, it is even more key that their workspace functions smoothly.

May 21, 2021




Managing Patient Perception of Care with Healthcare Whiteboards

If healthcare professionals want to improve patient satisfaction scores, which are crucial to a facility’s reputation and the reimbursements it receives from The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, they must address patient perception of care as much as the quality of the care itself.

Apr 21, 2021