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Rethinking and Organizing the Nurses Station

The nurses station is the hub where caregiver interaction takes place, patient charts are stored and nurses get a significant amount of work done.

How Hospitals Can Increase Medicare Reimbursements

CMS now puts a lot of emphasis on factors other than treatment outcome when distributing Medicare reimbursements, and it is costing hospitals billions of dollars each year.

Getting the Most Out of Your Patient Room Boards

Hospitals can get the most out of their patient room boards by customizing their content, design and other features.

How Hospitals are Using Design and Flow to Become More Efficient

Hospitals have turned to using design tricks and trends to improve patient health. Now they are turning to similar principles to help themselves in another key area of healthcare: efficiency.

Proven Steps to Reduce Hospital Readmissions

Regulations from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) force hospitals to reduce patient readmissions or risk losing valuable reimbursement funds.

Introducing Aria for VividBoard Low Profile Whiteboards

With significant portions of HCAHPS and patient satisfaction scores being based on communication between caregiver and patient, the right communication tool can make all the difference in the reimbursements a hospital receives.

Solving Common Hospital Problems with Whiteboards

The healthcare industry is a complex, fast-paced industry that never shows any sign of slowing down. Every day, hospital administrators and their staff are faced with a multitude of issues that they must overcome.

How Hospital Design Influences Patient Health and Satisfaction

Everything from the layout of a hospital to the color of the walls, windows, furniture and accessories within each room have been shown to affect patient health.

10 Reasons Patients, Hospitals and Nurses Love VividBoards

This Valentine;s Day we are sharing some of the love patients, hospitals and nurses have shown our products over the years.