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Custom Whiteboard Frames That Match Your Interiors

Learn about how customizing your Vividboard with a frame can enhance your space. Our frame options give you the flexibility to personalize your communication tool based on the look and feel of your space.

Jan 06, 2022


Next Year’s Trends in Patient Room Design

Learn about the ever-changing landscape of hospital room design, and discover trends to take into the New Year as you strive to create a more peaceful and effective space for your patients.

Dec 30, 2021



Addressing HIPAA Concerns with Patient Whiteboards

Learn about how to protect your patient’s information when using whiteboards in healthcare facilities, as well as proper whiteboard care and a few products from VividBoard that you can integrate into your space!

Dec 03, 2021


Sanitization of Boards

Learn all about the importance of keeping the communication tools you use in your patient’s rooms clean! Read about cleaning tips, why it’s crucial and what products will keep your board looking great and staying clean!

Nov 26, 2021


Design Your Own Whiteboard: Ghent Healthcare Builder

With a customizable whiteboard, you are able to cover every need that you, your staff, or your patient may have. Ghent Healthcare Builder gives you the ability to create a whiteboard that communicates everything you need to say and checks every box.

Oct 10, 2021


Choosing the Board Type Best for Your Space

In this article, we showcase how the intentional integration of a customized whiteboard or glassboard can amplify your healthcare space! Different designs, shapes, and sizes can make all the difference and create a more productive and comforting space – for you, your staff, and your patient.

Sep 24, 2021



The True Impact of Nurses and Hospital Organization

Learn all about how hospital staff organization plays a key role in the satisfaction and comfort of not only the patients, but the staff themselves! Customize a Ghent Healthcare board today for your healthcare staff!

Aug 25, 2021