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5 Roles Nurses Play in the Hospital

Nurses are not only expected to be well-versed in many fields of medicine, they are also expected to fill numerous roles in the hospital setting.

Removing Marks and Stains from a Whiteboard

We have heard of and tested a variety of solutions for cleaning a whiteboards surface. Everything from turtle wax to isopropyl alcohol, hairspray and carpet spot remover have been used.

Overcoming Communication Barriers with Non-English Speaking Patient

Nearly a decade ago, The Joint Commission identified the "triple threat" of effective health communication: low health literacy, cultural barriers and limited English proficiency.

4 Reasons to Choose InHarmony Changeable Glass

The ability to customize VividBoards is what makes them unique, but the application for that customization is what will equip your hospital with the best information tools possible. So, why should you choose our InHarmony glassboards? Here are four great reasons why.

Increasing Patient Comfort in the Hospital

Patient satisfaction determines a hospital's success, and whether or not a patient is satisfied with their level of care is directly tied to how comfortable they are.

5 Reasons Why Nurses Love VividBoard

Nurses Week is from May 6-12 and while celebrating nurses can involve appreciating the amazing things they do, we'd like to take a moment to celebrate nurses by making their lives a little easier.

Using Custom Whiteboards to Improve Patient Care

Improving patient care in hospitals has presented itself to be a consistent challenge for nurses and other care providers.

What to Consider When Designing a Custom Whiteboard

You can fully customize your dry erase board size, frame, material and most importantly, the graphics and information that goes on it.