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Creating a Whiteboard Solution That Fits Your Budget

We work with hospitals to ensure their investment in custom whiteboards is not only justified, but also fits appropriately into their annual spending.

Helping Providers and Patients During Breast Cancer Awareness Month

We are helping to raise awareness for the more than 3.1 million women and men who currently have, or have had, breast cancer in their lifetime.

How to Properly Discharge Patients and Reduce Readmissions

The University of California San Francisco released the results of a study last year that listed the major causes of readmissions.

Preventing the Spread of Infections in Hospital Patient Rooms

The impact of bacteria and spreadable infections in hospitals is something that all care teams and administrators take seriously.

VividBoard: Your One-Stop-Shop for Hospital Whiteboards

You can pick and choose how each whiteboard is built, making them a custom-tailored solution to all of your needs.

How to Approach the Design of Hospital Whiteboards

Finding the right design for your whiteboards is the most important part of our process here at VividBoard, which is why our team works closely with you.

Introducing Pattern Pod Patterns for VividBoard

We're excited to announce a new partnership with Pattern Pod! With their ever growing library of designs, we know their designs will be gracing our patient room boards, giving a truly custom product to any healthcare system.

The Hidden Costs of Poor Quality Whiteboards

Hospital whiteboards are a smart investment for any hospital, but just like all investments, there are good and bad choices.

Glassboards or Whiteboards: Which Are Right for Hospitals?

While both are capable of effectively displaying vital information to patients, the two types of whiteboards are not without their differences.