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Into the Lime Light: Golisano Children’s Hospital

Located in Ft. Myers Florida, Golisano Children’s Hospital (Lee Health) is a state-of-the-art, family-centered, full-service children's hospital.

Who Should be Included in Hospital Design Decisions?

Who should be involved in healthcare design? To avoid having too many cooks in the kitchen, here are the key sources of influence in design decisions.

Meeting Patient Expectations with Holistic Room Design

What patients want is a million dollar question for hospitals. Many U.S. hospitals are taking a “codesigning” approach to patient room design.

The Importance of Considering Patient Families in Healthcare Design

When approaching patient room design it's important to think of patients, but special attention must also be paid to patient families.

How to Identify Patients with a High Readmission Risk

One of the best ways to prevent readmissions is to identify which patients are most likely to readmit and properly prepare them for discharge.

How VividBoard Helps Care Teams Treat Patients

Patient room boards are one of the best tools for hospitals because they can help care teams provide better communication, safety and comfort.

Patient Room Board Checklist - How to Customize your Patient Room Whiteboard

Hospital Dry Erase Boards have infiltrated healthcare design and can be found throughout the hospital, from the General Care to the ICU. Figuring out what you want to put on your patient room board can be challenging and is often determined by hospital staff who may not know where to start.

Solving Common Patient Issues with Better Room Design

Evidence and research has demonstrated that certain patient room design choices can help hospitals reduce noise, falls and infections.