Custom Whiteboard Frames That Match Your Interiors

Jan 06, 2022


Design Makes a Difference

At VividBoard, our main goal is to increase patient communication. In the design process, we take into consideration every factor that has an impact, and we know that design and aesthetics are also part of a functional communication tool that you will enjoy using. 

Whiteboards for hospitals have to cover a lot of bases. Outside of the functional purposes, it’s important to consider the design aspect, and how different looks can bring a totally different feel to a space. With Vividboard custom whiteboards, we offer a variety of facets to personalize, one of which is the frame of the board.


A New Frame of Mind

Whiteboards are a holding place for creativity, ideas, collaboration, information and more. By acting as a blank check for your creativity or most important notes, they help keep you organized. While you can order our custom whiteboards without a frame, by adding a frame you can add that extra touch of flair, professionalism and make the design more pleasing. 

We created four frame selections for you to choose from, when designing your board. Each supports and enhances different interiors. 

Here are each of our versatile frames, and our thoughts and ideas on which frames blend seamlessly into various spaces:

Cherry Oak Wood
Our Cherry Oak frame is a deep reddish-brown, and compliments a lot of traditional or classic interiors.  With its warm undertones, integrating it into your space if you have other warm-toned accents (like paint colors, fabrics or even warm lighting) would make this frame a beautiful addition. 

Light Oak Wood
With its bright and honey-colored hues, our Light Oak frame brings a Scandinavian feel that compliments a variety of spaces. Consider this frame option if you have a lighter color palette (think neutrals!) and want to keep things airy and bright while still being welcoming. 

Black Powder Coated Steel
Our Black Steel frame is both classic and modern, making it a very versatile option for any space. This bold option will make your whiteboard stand out and look fantastic in modern offices or waiting areas.

Silver Aluminum 
You can’t go wrong with a classic aluminum frame. Its classic look and feel fits well in any and all healthcare spaces, and is durable option that is easily cleaned.

Vividboard serves a niche part of the healthcare industry, providing effective communication tools that are able to be personalized to work for you. We get to help you create spaces that heal, provide peace to society and we are incredibly rewarded by that work. By customizing your own communication tools with our team of designers, we get to help you give back in a more powerful way!