Glassboards in Hospital Rooms: From a Design Perspective

Dec 20, 2021

Why Layout Matters

Hospital design significantly impacts more aspects than we may initially realize. While the care between staff and patient is the top focus, the design and layout of a hospital can play a huge part in the health and wellness of the patient. Here’s four reasons why.

  •  Good Design, Good Confidence
    A well-designed space that is clean, well lit, and beautifully furnished can greatly influence the morale and confidence of staff members.

  • • Thoughtful Design Increases Safety
    If your space is laid out in a way that keeps flexibility in mind, accidents are less likely to occur. The goal here is to avoid having patients transfer from room to room. During transfers, it is difficult to keep up consistent quality care. 

  •  Design Helps the Flow
    Intentional design can direct the flow in relation to both visitors and patients. Visible signage that is easy to understand makes the entire process easier.

  •  Reduces Stress and Increases Healing
    It’s becoming more known that the design of a space can aid in the healing of a patient. Designs that focus on safe ways to make patients feel together, in touch with nature, and well cared for can reduce stress.


Additionally, hospitals have long used communication tools such as glassboards and whiteboards for their patient’s rooms, nurse stations, and critical care areas to make sure the staff, patient, and patient’s family were all on the same page. Whether you work in a public or private healthcare facility, the sleek look of a glassboard can enhance your interior decor, as well as serve as a functional method of communication. Glassboards, when used in nurse stations or patient rooms, can transform the look of the space, making it more modernized and cutting edge.

The Benefits of Going Ghent Healthcare

Ghent Healthcare glassboards offer beauty and functionality, as well as various design options, sizes, board backgrounds and other customization options. Our graphically enhanced boards are proven to increase HCAHPS scores and patient satisfaction scores, making it a board that serves everyone. 

From a functionality standpoint, our glassboards go above and beyond. Our tempered glass is durable, able to withstand daily cleanings from hospital-grade cleaners. It is also stain and ghost resistant, meaning that any sensitive patient information that gets written on our glassboards is easily removed, no matter how long it stays on the surface. 

One of the most important factors that set us apart is that our products are designed to be sustainable communication tools. That is why we use environmentally safe products that are sourced from our trusted suppliers—right here in the USA. 

Use your Ghent Healthcare glassboard to capture information and ideas and to enhance the way you work.