Sanitization of Boards

Nov 26, 2021


Clean Products Make for Healthy Patients

So, think about your whiteboard. When’s the last time you gave it a true cleaning? Not just a quick wipe down with a cloth, but an actual sanitization and clean? While a dry eraser does a good everyday job of keeping your board clean, the sanitization of what you use is important – particularly spaces within the medical field. 

Preventing the spread of bacteria begins with understanding effective patient room layouts and ends with integrating the best cleaning practices for your staff’s routine. Many hospitals have turned to glass whiteboards due to their significantly less porous surfaces, when compared to standard whiteboards. While glass whiteboards are a great way to maintain a clean patient environment, and limit the spread of bacteria, you don't have to limit yourself to only glass surfaces.


How to Clean Your Board

To make the statement that patient whiteboards or glassboards are in high-touch zones would be an understatement. Between nurses, physicians, patients and visitors, it’s easy to understand why proper cleaning and disinfecting is paramount. 

While many whiteboards made from lower quality materials can be damaged by hospital grade cleaners and disinfectants, the whiteboards we make here at Ghent Healthcare can be cleaned without worrying about damaging the surface. Here’s some of our tips to regular communication board cleaning: 

  1. 1. Our first tip is highlighting the importance of using the appropriate tools on your board. A common mishap is using the incorrect markers. Before purchase, make sure the markers say “dry erase”, as other brands like Sharpie will ruin your board. High-quality dry erase markers are vital, and all of our boards come with markers that are made to respect the integrity of your board. For your convenience, you can also purchase additional markers on our website. 

  2. 2. After every use, clean your board! Even though all of VividBoard’s boards have the patented VividShield™ coating that helps resist ghosting and staining, it’s best to start good habits from the jump. 

  3. 3. Use the right cleaner! Not sure what to use? Unlike other boards, VividBoards do not require any special cleaners. Our VividShield™ coating allows our customers to clean their boards with a soft, damp cloth. However, we’ve provided a list below for you to take a look at!

Note: to avoid damaging the surface of your whiteboards, do not use household items (e.g. nail polish remover, oil, etc.) or cleaners that contain bleach, ammonia, or hydrogen peroxide. Cleaners with an alcohol content of up to 6% can be used freely. Some of the cleaners that can be used on hospital whiteboards (these have all been tested and approved on Ghent Healthcare whiteboards) include:

  •  Goo Gone®
  •  Glance® SC Glass & Multi-Surface Cleaner
  •  Dispatch® Hospital Cleaner 
  •  CaviWipes
  •  Clorox® Germicidal Wipes 
  •  Steriplex® Wipes 
  •  Virex 256 One Step 
  •  A-456 II 
  •  OXIVIR 

Additionally, every board carries with it a limited lifetime warranty, promising you that if you have any issue with your board, we will make it right so that your board gives you years of beautiful – and safe – use.