Design Your Own Whiteboard: Ghent Healthcare Builder

Oct 10, 2021

Staff Focused, Patient-Centered

With any communication tool used in the healthcare space, they need to be beneficial for both the staff member and the patient. The industry is ever-shifting towards making medical establishments more patient-focused, and our aim at Ghent Healthcare is to increase patient experience while at the same time, allowing healthcare staff to have an easier, more productive shift. 


Build Better Communication

When selecting a whiteboard with us, we walk you through the entire customization process. Our Ghent Healthcare Builder makes this process efficient and easy to understand. But first, maybe you’re wondering why it is important to invest in a custom whiteboard?

The most undeniable reason is patient boards increase the quality of communication, for both healthcare staff and patient-to-staff needs. This higher level of communication also improves HCAHPS scores. Our standard and custom designs have been proven to increase HCAHPS scores by up to 6 points!! 

Our whiteboards also help boost teamwork and collaboration, making things flow without strain. The foundation of tension between staff, especially in a fast-paced or demanding environment like a hospital, usually boils down to miscommunication or no communication at all. Reducing anxiety in the healthcare space benefits everyone, both in the long-term and the short-term.


The Customization Process

When you choose to create a custom whiteboard with Ghent Healthcare Builder, the first selection is Category. Here you’ll select between two boards – Patient or Nurse’s Station. This is a pretty straightforward selection and just depends on the space where the board is needed. Next is choosing your board Type. Do you want a classic Custom Whiteboard? A Low-Profile Glassboard? With a couple of options to choose from, you can find a sleek solution either way. Once you’ve selected your board type, you can then get to the fun stuff! Choosing a Frame is the first fun design selection you’ll get to make, with options ranging from silver aluminum, black coated steel and a couple stained-wood options. Selecting between Landscape and Portrait for your board’s Orientation ensures that you get the perfect fit for your board, letting it integrate with your space well. 

The most detailed customization options are in the steps Background and Design. The background of your board can be one of our popular images of nature scenery, or you can upload your own image for increased personalization! From there, you can add a plethora of different fields, such as staff or patient names, logos, questions, room numbers, and more. This is where our whiteboard builder really shines, giving you the ability to make sure all the information you need has a space on your board. 


Why Choose Ghent Healthcare?

Our whiteboards are designed to be a solution, particularly in the healthcare space. We understand the importance of manufacturing products that meet the specific needs of the industry. That’s why our boards have either a high-gloss dry erase coating for our whiteboard or a non-porous glass surface for our glassboards, which eliminates the chances for ghosting, staining, or scratching. These surfaces are not only easier to clean, but guaranteed to gently remove your patient's details and sensitive information with everything from a damp cloth to a medical-grade disinfectant. 

We believe every board we create carries the ability to help improve a patient’s recovery journey while allowing healthcare workers to have more productive days. With this in mind, we are excited to see how you integrate Ghent Healthcare into your patient’s room, nurses station, and beyond!