Adapting Healthcare Environments with Swing Changeables

Sep 10, 2021

The Impacts of Communication

Hospitals took on even more stress with COVID-19, sparking a re-evaluation of the quality and effectiveness of medical facility patient communication tools. Hospitals must be flexible to meet the high demands of every patient's individual needs, meaning that the items hospital staff use day in and day out need to supersede that level of flexibility.

Our communication tools are made to support healthy, clear communication between hospital staff to ensure that a patient’s needs are met and that fellow staff are left feeling confident, which is why we created Swing Changeable Glassboards. Designed with the above needs in mind, our Swing Changeable smoothly fits into any space, even when space is limited – from patient rooms to nurse stations, increasing HCAHPS and patient scores by up to 6 points.


Open the Door of Communication

Swing Changeable Glassboards bring a new level of functionality to patient room communication. With our recent accolade of the Best of NeoCon Gold Award and the Nightingale Innovation Award from Healthcare design, these boards are making ripples in the industry. These wall-mounted glassboards come with a versatile, double-sided insert that has graphics for easy patient communication – perfect to utilize for communicating in different languages, changing the template for specific patient needs or internal team needs. Hinged to the wall, the front panel of glass opens similar to a door, making it easy to quickly pop in or pop out the insert, and the close wall mount hinders dust and debris from being trapped, making disinfecting this board easy. Additionally, the insert is fully customizable to match any hospital logo or color palette. The smooth glass surface is ghost and stain-resistant, making it able to withstand frequent cleaning with heavy hospital cleaners and ensuring no germs or sensitive patient information is left behind. 

However you choose to integrate our Swing Changeable Glassboard, this minimalistic communication tool will perfectly suit your environment, leaving your patients – and you – feeling well-informed and comfortable.