The True Impact of Nurses and Hospital Organization

Aug 25, 2021

The Importance of a Nurses Care

Monitoring your patient’s experience is crucial to evaluating and improving the quality of care they receive. Communication between nurses and patients is crucial, since nurses spend the most time with patients day-to-day. To improve the patient experience, ensuring that nurses have an organized work environment creates the opportunity for both the patient and nurse to have calmer and more efficient days with less mistakes or miscommunications. 

Staff Organization and the Patient Experience

Patients in any healthcare setting are usually feeling a bit uneasy or anxious when they first arrive. It is the job of the healthcare staff to provide them with excellent care to put their worries at ease. Part of that responsibility is discovering fresh new ways to stay organized so that you and your patient aren’t overwhelmed. So, what are the benefits of hospital organization? 


  • •  Patient Satisfaction is by far the most tangible result of hospital organization. When a nurse stays organized, this lessens the nurse’s stress levels. Less stress helps staff to be more present and calm when handling patient matters. Patients can feel the energy of the staff, so a calmer staff equals a calmer patient. 
  • •  Productive EOC which stands for Environment of Care in the healthcare world consists of three main parts: the layout and efficiency of the health care facility, the equipment used to support delivery of care, and the human beings that make up activity within the facility. All three contribute to a positive experience pre and post patient visit! When organization is prioritized, these areas function positively. 
  • •  Positive Company Culture is greatly heightened when operations are smooth and the healthcare facility is organized. Team communication becomes easier, and with the integration of items like whiteboards that are customized to your needs, everyone can coexist on the same page.


Integrating Whiteboards for Maximum Organization

Whiteboard use in hospitals bridges the communication gap that many nurses and patients face. With less communication, patient satisfaction significantly drops – which is why we designed customizable whiteboards for hospitals! 


Custom Whiteboard

Our Custom Whiteboards are a simple, classic solution to the everyday needs of a classic whiteboard. Our patented VividShield™ coating and customizable graphics offer durability and functionality while serving your needs. Our whiteboards are available in multiple sizes, with a magnetic or non-magnetic surface. All boards are made to order –  and fully customizable! Choose from various colors and add your own logo or design for that extra special touch.


Combination Board 

Integrating whiteboard surface with a natural cork or vinyl tackable surface, our Combination Boards offer the most versatility in communication and opportunities. Available in a horizontal or vertical layout in 3 standard sizes or a custom size (up to 36” x 48”), these boards assist in facilitating more communication between staff. With these boards functioning in high-traffic areas, our patented VividShield™ coating aids in resisting ghosting or staining, making your board look as fresh as the day you got it.


Low Profile Glassboard

Displaying a subtle elegance, the Low Profile Glassboard is an intentional addition to both a nurse station or administrative area. This glass board offers endless communication without taking up loads of valuable wall space, and like all our boards is resistant to ghosting or staining. These can also be customized in color, design and logo options; as well as coming in 8 standard sizes or a custom size.



However you integrate a whiteboard into your space, it's guaranteed to provide a smoother process and experience for both you and your patient.