How to Design Your Board to be Inclusive of Non-Verbal Patients

Jul 02, 2021

The Importance of Inclusivity in the Hospital

One of the most important aspects in hospitals is focusing on accessibility and inclusivity. No matter what your patient's condition is, anyone regardless of their abilities should be able to come in and communicate as well as easily navigate the space. Additionally, inclusivity is an incredibly important aspect when it comes to making a patient's hospital stay comfortable. Making it as positive of an experience as possible means considering people of all abilities.

Considering all facets of this means also considering inclusive whiteboards, for individuals who are non-verbal. Speech impairment can range from mild such as mispronouncing or lack of volume, to as severe as not being able to produce any sounds or words. 


Creating an Inclusive Whiteboard 

Patient whiteboards facilitate communication between hospital providers and the patient.  Ease in non-verbal communication in a hospital is just as important to consider as verbal communication. So, what happens when that patient is non-verbal or has sustained an injury that has left them unable to vocalize their thoughts and needs? 

At Ghent Healthcare, every whiteboard is crafted to fit all of your specific needs, bringing clearer communication to patient care. With our Custom Whiteboard, creating a configurable board is easy and efficient. By requesting a quote for a hospital whiteboard, you are able to share your needs and our design team will reach out to help fulfill them! 


Why Choose Ghent Healthcare?

  • •  All boards are made to order and fully customizable, from shape and size to more specific modifications, like colors, designs and logos. Ghent Healthcare can match seamlessly with your brand and environment. 
  •   Our patented VividShield™ coating resists staining and ghosting, ensuring that no sensitive patient information is left visible after cleaning.
  • •  All our boards are offered with a magnetic or non-magnetic surface. Magnetic surfaces can be helpful when it comes to creating inclusive hospital whiteboards. Through the usage of magnets, your patient can communicate simple needs like pain levels, physical needs, etc.
  • •  Our whiteboards are heavy-duty in quality, and still light and easy to move. All of our boards can withstand intense hospital disinfectants making cleaning hassle-free.

The easier the communication is between the patient and the hospital staff, the better! Not only does it improve care, but raises the patient’s awareness for their care team. With hospitals tending to be a more frenzied environment as patients are moved from area to area for evaluations and treatment, whiteboards  significantly increase patient satisfaction and care. Ghent Healthcare patient whiteboards easily communicate patient needs, keeping everyone on the same page and your patient’s satisfaction, comfort and health as the top priority.