Sanitize, Organize, Stay Efficient, and Don’t Lose Your Mind!

Jun 11, 2021

At Ghent Healthcare, our whiteboards are designed with intention and ease in mind! We understand that hospitals and medical institutions need every facet of their space to be organized and efficient, and are proud to reflect those needs in how our products are designed. Today, we want to touch on how our boards are efficiently designed for maximum organization and communication, as well as easy to keep clean! 

Easy Clean-Up

Cleanliness in any medical setting is paramount, which is why our patented VividShield™ coating can withstand frequent wipe downs, even with heavy-duty hospital cleaners. This coating is also ghosting and stain resistant. What’s “ghosting”, you ask? Essentially, it is when you can see the remnants of previous words on your whiteboard, even after cleaning or erasing. Cleaning a whiteboard is important, and even more so when your whiteboard contains sensitive information about a patient. Our VividShield™ coating makes sure that doesn't happen!

To properly clean your board, consider these few steps first:

  1. 1. Before cleaning your board, check the cleaner and make sure it complies with the health and safety requirements of your company. It is also important to make sure your cleaner doesn’t have a “grit” or exfoliant in it, as that may damage the coating.
  2. 2. Follow the manufacturer's instructions as far as the best methods to clean the board, like dilution and dwell time. 
  3. 3. Don’t mix cleaners together, as this may have an adverse effect!
  4. 4. You can also visit our site and learn more about Cleaning and Disinfecting your board.


Optimal Organization & Communication

Just like cleanliness, clear and concise organization and communication is a vital component in how smoothly a hospital or medical  runs. That is why we’ve made all of our boards fully customizable for all your needs. 

Whether you are needing a whiteboard for a Nurses Station, Patient Room, Office or Lab, there are benefits to adding a Ghent Healthcare board to your setup! 

Nurses Station:

Now more than ever, communication is needed in hospitals! Between shift changes, pandemic related guidelines and the general stress of day-to-day work, things can be overwhelming. Nurses stations are the pulse of any hospital, and the whiteboards nurses use handle everything from simple notes to highly sensitive patient information. Because our boards are customizable, the layout of your whiteboard can suit your needs while still keeping certain aspects confidential. Additionally, as mentioned before, our boards are ghosting resistant – so all your information is kept private and your board continues to look clean and new. 

Patient Room: 

Through the simple addition of an organized whiteboard in a patient’s room, you can enhance communication and the overall experience of your patient. Being in the hospital can be an uncertain or scary time for someone, and through clear communication and professionalism, you can help put some of those worries at ease. 

Office & Laboratory:

Just as much as a nurse or a doctor, the teams who manage the receptionist areas, or who work behind-the-scenes in labs play incredibly crucial roles. Being able to easily relay information is essential! 

Our main board options meet the needs of all three spaces and offer full customization, and are shipped in our worry-free packing, specifically designed to ship glass boards!

Custom Whiteboards are the perfect blank slate. Fully customizable and configurable, this sleek communication tool will serve its purpose wherever it’s placed. Available in either a magnetic or non-magnetic surface, and made to order – enhance your board with custom colors, logos and graphics!



Low Profile Glass Boards are a sleek and clean spin on a traditional whiteboard. Our glass boards are frameless, and like our whiteboards possess our VividShield™ coating which resists stains and ghosting. The steel support bar mounts your glass board to the wall securely, so it withstands high-impact and high-use areas, like nurse stations or other medical areas. Available in 8 standard sizes, with square corners and magnetic marker storage!



Glass Boards with Standoffs are designed with all the same functions of the above boards, plus sleek tamper-resistant standoffs  and minimal hardware, instantly improving the aesthetics of your patient’s room or nurse station. Each board is manufactured with  ¼" thick tempered glass that's been thermally treated for strength and safety. 

Whichever board you choose, Ghent Healthcare makes a fun, functional and easy-to-use option for any space!