4 Uses for Changeable Glassboards

Nov 30, 2020

changeable glassboards

When it comes to patient room whiteboards, there are two major design options: classic whiteboards and glassboards. Glass has made a huge statement in the healthcare industry because of its design aesthetic, minimalismsustainability and resistance to bacteria growth. These are all good reasons to choose glass for your whiteboard solution, but there’s one more reason to add to the list: interchangeability. 

Certain glassboards can be customized to have interchangeable inserts. These cards can be swapped out at will without having to remove the glass frame/writing surface. This presents several key benefits for healthcare facilities. 

#1: The Ability to Change Over Patient Rooms 

When space in a hospital is limited in particular areas of a hospital, rooms in other areas are often used to treat patients. This can create an issue if the whiteboards in these rooms are geared towards different types of patients. You may be treating a pediatric patient in a room meant for adults; you may be treating a post-op patient in a room that is usually used for maternity. If the whiteboards in these rooms are customized towards the wrong type of patient, communication can be hindered. 

Changeable glassboards make it easy to swap out information cards that are customized towards different patients. Inserts can simply be swapped based on the type of patient that is being treated in any room in a facility. 

#2: Catering to Patients Who Do Not Speak English 

If a patient’s English is limited, or they do not speak it at all, communication using whiteboards becomes all the more important. However, if all your whiteboards are in English, the patient may not get the most use out of them during their stay. 

Changeable glassboards allow facilities to keep a store of information cards in multiple languages. This is especially valuable for hospitals located in diverse areas where non-English speakers reside. 

#3: They Make Rebranding Easy 

Hospital mergers and acquisitions have spiked over the years, leading to rebranding of facilities all over the country. This often means changing over branded materials like whiteboards. When you invest in changeable glassboards, this process becomes much easier and less expensive. Since nothing is printed on the whiteboards surface, it’s only the changeable inserts that need to be replaced. The glassboard itself never has to be removed from the wall. 

#4: They Allow Facilities to Adapt 

Healthcare is constantly changing; this includes best practices for treatment and patient communication. When these best practices are updated, it can be hard to replace the whiteboards in your facility. Changeable glassboards allow your facility to adapt to any changes in the industry, the science, government regulations, etc., keeping you on the cutting edge. They are the best way to stay ahead of the curve and remain competitive in this ever-changing industry. 


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