Why Quality Matters When Choosing Hospital Whiteboards

Nov 24, 2020

arch whiteboard

Hospital whiteboards can seem like simple objects, but there is far more to them than meets the eye. Everything from how they are constructed to the materials used can impact their longevity, performance, and ease of use. That’s why it’s important for hospitals and healthcare facilities to invest in a quality whiteboard solution for their facility. 

Why does quality matter when it comes to whiteboards? There are a few major benefits of investing in a better solution. 

A Long Whiteboard Lifespan Helps Cut Costs 

It may be less expensive to purchase cheap, low quality whiteboards for a facility, but the overall lifetime savings is inevitably higher with better quality whiteboards. Like anything of higher quality, they will last longer, which means you won’t have to repurchase them a few years down the line. This not only saves you money, but time as well. Your administrative team won’t have to spend valuable time sourcing new whiteboards, purchasing them, and having them installed at your facility. 

Low quality whiteboard materials will deteriorate over time, and they will leave your whiteboard looking like a mess. Once their warranty is out, if they even came with one, you will be stuck with a whiteboard that is hard to clean and even harder to use. Higher quality materials stand the test of time and will continue to perform well and look nice for years to come. 

Everything that goes into a patient room—from furniture to medical devices, decorations, and treatment tools—is an investment; the more you put into that investment, the more you will get out of it. 

Customization Enables You to Provide Better Patient Care 

Companies that sell off-the-rack, mass-produced, low-quality whiteboards hardly offer any customization options when it comes to a whiteboard’s information fields, size, shape, color, framing options, imagery, or anything else. You may get to choose from a few color options, but that’s it. While these stock whiteboards may serve their fundamental purpose, they will not go the extra mile in providing better treatment and service to your patients. 

Custom whiteboards allow you to tailor your patient room boards precisely based on the patients you treat and how you treat them. They allow you to create a high-quality, useful communication tool that can be placed at every bedside in your facility. Your treatment teams will get more use out of them, your patients will get more information from them, and your HCAHPS scores will reflect a quantifiable difference in how happy your patients are with the care they receive. 

You Save Time 

Wasted time costs facilities money, and it’s especially critical for short-staffed facilities to increase the efficiency of those who work there. Every moment spent cleaning and struggling to write on a low-quality whiteboard is a moment not spent caring for a patient, documenting a process, or completing any of the other tasks a nurse has on his or her plate throughout the day. 

Whiteboards that are made from high quality materials are easy to write on and clean. Marker wipes away easily, and the materials can be disinfected and cleaned with hospital grade cleaners. This means care teams don’t have to spend time scrubbing away old and faded writing that refuses to wipe away cleanly. 


Quality hospital whiteboards are easy to obtain. Get in touch with our team to start the customization process today.