Patient Room Board Checklist - How to Customize your Patient Room Whiteboard

Jan 19, 2018

Patient Room Board Checklist
How to Customize your Patient Room Whiteboard

Hospital Dry Erase Boards have infiltrated healthcare design and can be found throughout the hospital, from the General Care to the ICU.  Figuring out what you want to put on your patient room board can be challenging and is often determined by hospital staff who may not know where to start.

Vividboard's new Board Builder tool gives you a design outlet and visual representation of what your patient room whiteboard can look like while allowing you to customize the information to best care for your patients.

Since we have designed Custom Patient Room Boards for over 400 hundred hospitals, our Board Builder tool guides you through the design process, giving you the option to customize your whiteboard. Before you get started using the tool, here is a short checklist to get you thinking.

1. Category
Where is the board going? You can choose between nurse's station boards and patient room boards, suitable for any unit of the hospital, from behavioral health to the emergency room.

2. Type
VividBoard offers glass whiteboards, traditional whiteboards, and interchangeable glassboards. Determine what look, function or requirements affect your decision, and pick the board that is best for your hospital. Not sure which to choose? We talked about applications in a previous article that can be read here.

3. Frame
Each board type is available with different frame or finish choices.

4. Orientation
Decide where you will place the board so that it is visible to patients and doctors, and pick a custom or standard size in either a horizontal or vertical orientation.

5. Background
Choose from a library of our most popular backgrounds or upload an image. The board can be customized to fit your hospital brand or to resonate with patients using soothing colors or scenery.

6. Layout
Pick from common whiteboard layouts, providing a guideline to place text and icons on your design.

7. Design
Drag and drop to design your custom whiteboard. When you are finished, you can save it, print it or request a quote for your project. Not sure what to include on your board - read our blog to see what elements you should include when laying out your whiteboard

8. Relax
Once you request a quote, out Vivid Design can take your ideas and create artwork for your board. As an expert in patient communication, we will work with you to finalize your design and suggest changes based on our experience in the industry.


Now, It's Time to Get Started


At VividBoard, we specialize in designing and supplying custom whiteboards that foster communication between patients and nurses and help to make patient rooms safer places to stay. To learn how you can implement communication boards into your patient rooms, contact our team today.