Reducing Patient Anxiety with Whiteboards

Jul 17, 2017

Patient anxiety has been shown to lead to substantial decreases in patient satisfaction of care. Studies have also shown that effective communication between providers and patients can alleviate patient anxiety during treatment and increase their overall satisfaction in their care.

This is the topic of our latest white paper. We have gathered studies and other industry resources to demonstrate the negative impact that patient anxiety has on HCAHPS scores. We also show how, when designed and used effectively, hospital whiteboards can be used to effectively communicate with patients, relieving anxiety and making them happier with the care they receive.

Read Our New White Paper: “How Effective Whiteboard Communication Mitigates the Dangers and Costs of Patient Anxiety”

Inside, you will find:

  • Studies on the causes of anxiety before, during and after treatment

  • How whiteboards can reduce the effects of patient anxiety

  • The best fields to include on whiteboards to communicate with patients during treatment

  • Examples of custom whiteboards used in the hospital setting

Download the Whitepaper

download patient anxiety white paper

Read More White papers and Ebooks from VividBoard

Our last white paper covered the topic of HCAHPS scores and patient satisfaction. You can read that and more in the literature section of our website. Just a few of the resources we have created include:

  • Healthcare whiteboard ebooks with whiteboard examples

  • Design and style guides for patient room boards

These resources will help you get started with your whiteboard design. There is a science to using whiteboards as communication tools. When effectively implemented, they can help you keep patients informed and happy with their care.

Let’s get started with your whiteboard design. Contact our team for a short consultation on your specific needs.