Hospitals Should Focus on Boosting Morale Amongst Nurses

May 26, 2017

national nurses week

National Nurses Week may be over, but we are still thankful for the more than 4 million nurses who work in hospitals and care centers across the country.

As frontline caregivers, nurses are the primary determinant of how patients view their care. They can significantly increase a patient's satisfaction, making them an important factor in the success of their organization.

The healthcare setting can become chaotic, and nurses can often become stretched thin when it comes to the hours they work and the job that they perform. That's why it's important to keep morale high with your nurses by:

Asking for and Listening to Their Needs

Not every employee will speak up if an issue arises, which is why it's important for administrators and leadership teams to seek out feedback from nursing teams.

Holding a quick meeting once a month where nurses can voice their opinions or concerns can go a long way in boosting their morale. They will value that their voices are being heard.

Giving Them the Tools To Treat Their Patients

After listening to the concerns and needs of your nurses, you can further boost their morale by taking action. Whether they are asking for new equipment like hospital dry erase boards or computers, you can significantly increase their morale by giving them the tools they need to treat patients.

No one has more contact with patients than your nurses, so providing them with the right tools will not only boost their morale, but you could also see an increase in patient satisfaction, as well.

Fostering a Fun and Close-Knit Community

When work becomes stressful and busy, nothing raises a team's morale than the support of their coworkers. Encouraging a team-based environment will make your nurses closer to one another and help them work together to get the job done.

Setting up special events outside of work is a great way to bring teams closer together. It's a great way to allow people to relax and get to know their coworkers in a non-work setting. Treat your team to a meal or a special event and they will definitely thank you for it.