What Makes VividBoards Different From Standard Whiteboards?

Jan 31, 2017

changeable glass whiteboards collage

You can find a variety of whiteboards for sale, but nothing matches the quality, utility and beauty of VividBoards. When placed side-by-side, you can see just what makes our whiteboards a step above the rest. But the quality of our materials isn't all that makes our products stand out from the competition.

Here are a few more factors that separate VividBoards from standard whiteboards:

VividBoards are a Better Communication Tool

When nurses and doctors need to communicate crucial information to patients, they need to be both efficient and accurate. Standard whiteboards are inefficient methods of communication because they are not tailored to the hospital setting.

VividBoards are proven directive communication tools that allow care teams to break down treatment information and make it easy for patients to understand. Each board is pre-populated with focus areas that can include pain management, daily goals, medication schedules and more. Care teams can use them to efficiently and effectively call attention to information that is vital for patients to understand.

VividBoards Can be Completely Customized

Every organization has different needs. Because of this, every custom whiteboard we design and manufacture is different from the one before it. Standard whiteboard designs are simply not flexible enough for the changing needs of fast-paced industries like healthcare. You can spend an eternity trying to find the right whiteboard with the right colors and content, or you can work with our VividDesign team and create one that perfectly matches your needs.

Our customization options are so widespread that there are an infinite amount of ways that you can make your whiteboard exclusive to your organization. You can choose from:

Six different product lines (Classic, MyHarmony, InHarmony, Art Line, Combination, VividEasel Sidewalk Signs).
Two different surfaces: our patented VividShield coating and Glass
Multiple framing options and sizes (wood/aluminum, range of colors, frameless)
Rounded or square corners
Magnetic and corkboard additions
Custom graphics, images and logos in any color
Content in multiple languages
Themed borders with changeable inserts

The possibilities are endless.

VividBoards Can be Interchangeable

What do you do if you need to switch out a room to treat a different kind of patient? With a standard whiteboard that is forever fixed to the wall, you are stuck with the product that you have. With our InHarmony Changeable Glass Whiteboards, you can fix a themed-frame permanently to the wall (complete with your organization's colors and logo), then swap out the interchangeable inserts with ease. These reversible inserts offer you the flexibility your staff needs, and you can order more anytime you want!

It's easy to see why hospitals are saving money by switching to VividBoard.

VividBoards are Long-Lasting Solutions

With proper maintenance and care, VividBoards will last a lifetime. While standard whiteboards often leave faded marks from old writing, the surface of VividBoards are specially designed to make cleaning them a breeze.
We want you to keep your VividBoards for life! Read more about our limited lifetime warranty.

Experience the VividBoard Difference

Reading about our custom whiteboards is one thing, experiencing what makes them different from standard whiteboards is quite another. Never fear, you can experience the VividBoard difference by requesting a free sample from us.

If you have any questions at all, don't hesitate to contact our team right away.