How the Right Whiteboards Save Hospitals Money

Jan 13, 2017

hospital whiteboard in patient room

There are many reasons to invest in hospital dry erase boards:

  • Better patient treatment/communication

  • Aesthetically pleasing treatment rooms

  • More organized patient information

  • Consistent hospital branding

But the right hospital whiteboards do more than this. They also help hospitals save money by:

Saving Care Teams Time

When it comes to care team staff, time is money. Every second nurses are preoccupied with a task is a second they are not tending to patients, which greatly increases the risk of having dissatisfied customers.

Hospital whiteboards allow nurses to work quickly. They can effectively communicate a variety of information to patients, even in different languages (ask about our multilingual whiteboards!). Everything from pain schedules to daily goals can be recorded on a patient room whiteboard. The more information that is given to patients about their care, the less likely they are to pull a nurse aside to answer questions.

Creating Returning Customers

Incorporating hospital whiteboards into a daily treatment plan is an excellent way to build trust with patients. Whiteboards allow care teams to effectively communicate vital information with patients and make them feel involved in their care.

Lack of communication and feeling left out of their care plan are two of the most common patient complaints. Custom whiteboards allow teams to address both of these concerns, effectively creating a better bond between themselves and their patients. They also create an environment that encourages patients to return should they need additional care in the future.

Increasing HCAHPS Scores, Leading to More Reimbursements

Over the years, the methodology for rating hospitals used by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has been called into question because it employs a one-size-fits-all methodology for rating hospitals. This problem is even more troubling to hospitals when it's combined with the fact that Health and Human Services (HHS) is withholding Medicare reimbursements from hospitals who score low on standardized rating systems.

The use of hospital dry erase boards has been proven to increase HCAHPS scores, sometimes by up to six points, making it easier for hospitals to rank higher on CMS ratings and earn the reimbursements they deserve.

Get the Best ROI From Your Whiteboards

Whiteboards are a great investment for healthcare facilities, especially those that have satisfaction scores below the national average. Because of the Value Based Purchasing program that has been implemented by CMS, which will withhold 2% of Diagnosis-Related Group (DRG) payments, U.S. hospitals stand to lose between $500,000 and $850,000 of their Medicare reimbursements this year, 30% ($150,000) of which is reliant upon patient satisfaction scores.

The hospital whiteboards we sell at VividBoard help raise patient satisfaction scores, yielding hospitals up to an additional $150,000 per year. At the cost of $50,000 to outfit a 200-bed hospital with custom VividBoards (one in each patient room), that's a $100,000 ROI in the first year alone. After the first year, the ROI increases to $150,000, which you will see every year after that thanks to VividBoards lifetime warranty.

Choose VividBoards for a Long-Lasting Solution

VividBoards are an amazing investment for every facility because they last much longer than your standard hospital whiteboard. They are easy to clean, disinfect and never leave faded marks from old writing. And with boards like our InHarmony Changeable Glass, you can switch out new information cards without replacing the custom frames.

To learn more about our custom whiteboards, contact our team to speak with one of our friendly sales representatives.