Choosing the Right Surface and Frame for Your Whiteboard

Dec 12, 2016

healthcare whiteboard examples

When looking through our different lines of custom dry erase boards, you will notice you have a lot of stylistic options and choices in materials. But this shouldn't be a deterrent. Our design process is easy, and our VividDesign team is there to help you out every step of the way.

Two of the first choices you get to make when designing your whiteboard involve the surface and frame options we have available. The best choices for your whiteboard depend on your preferred style, your organization's brand image and the needs of your team.

Starting With the Surface

Choosing the surface of your whiteboard is a great place to begin. What makes our whiteboard surfaces a step above the competition are their high quality surface. VividBoards leave no faded marks from older writing (no ghosting), are easy to clean and are guaranteed for life.

Glass or Classic Surfaces?

Our Classic VividBoards take the original white surface of a dry erase board into the modern era. Along with our VividShield dry erase coating, these boards can feature brilliant colors and graphics that match your brand as well as the tone of the environment they are placed within. The graphics can be placed anywhere and are can include company logos, images and virtually any color you need.

If you are a hospital in need of communication boards, look no further than our glass whiteboard lines: MyHarmony Glass and InHarmony Changeable Glass. MyHarmony is a standard glass whiteboard, while our InHarmony line features rigid interchangeable inserts that slide in behind the glass surface, providing you with the flexibility to change out information as needed.

Glass whiteboards are a more modern, minimalist dry erase board solution. They are made from ¼ inch thick tempered glass that is non-porous and resistant to bowing and breaking. They are easy to clean, disinfect and can feature the same vivid graphics as our classic whiteboards.

Finish it With a Frame

The surface may be the most important part of the board, but nothing makes our whiteboards look better than choosing the right frame. 

Our classic white VividBoards can be framed in a variety of styles and materials that include:

  • Aluminum

  • Light or Cherry Oak

  • Frameless options

  • Over 140 Art Line Premium frame options

Our glass whiteboards are inherently frameless, but you can choose between rounded and square corners. Many of our customers also choose to print graphics right onto the glass itself, creating a natural frame on the whiteboard's surface (see an example below).

Get Started Today

If you are unsure of where to begin planning, our General eBook does a great job of introducing each of our VividBoard styles. You can also contact a member of our team to learn more and have all of your questions answered.

Choosing your surface and frame options is just the beginning. To learn more about what you can include on the surface of your whiteboard, read our popular IdeaBook.