Removing Marks and Stains from a Whiteboard

Jul 13, 2016

whiteboard stains

Removing marks and stains from a whiteboard is one the most common concerns of the people who own them. A whiteboard, after all, is only useful if the writing on its surface can be repeatedly wiped away without leaving faded marks or stains.

The trouble is many whiteboards do not have a surface that can prevent these stains from appearing after repeated uses. Working in this industry for this long, we've come across a lot of intuitive (some are a bit offbeat) ways to clean a whiteboards surface.

Cleaning an Ordinary Whiteboard Surface

We have heard of and tested a variety of solutions for cleaning a whiteboard's surface. Everything from turtle wax to isopropyl alcohol, hairspray and carpet spot remover have been used. Not only are these chemicals expensive, but they can also harm the surface of your whiteboard, if you are not careful.

Some other solutions that we have seen are Mr. Clean Magic Erasers, artist's erasers and baby wipes. Once again, these cost money to consistently purchase, and there is no telling what the chemicals contained in them will do to the surface of your whiteboard.

We've even come across some offbeat solutions, and have heard everything from WD-40 to toothpaste, Ben-Gay, shoe-polish and even coffee grinds. Many of these are just unhealthy to use in a sterile environment, especially if you work in a hospital or outpatient setting.

What we Recommend

If you're planning on investing money in custom dry erase boards for your facility, you should look for products that are easy to keep clean, don't leave faded marks behind and are guaranteed to last for life.

The patented coating that is on the surface of all VividBoards is built to withstand harsh hospital environments, and we have a warranty that guarantees the coating on your whiteboard will last the life of the board.

VividBoards are Easy to Keep Clean

All you need to clean our custom whiteboards is a dampened soft cloth. You will find that your writing easily vanishes off the surface of the board. It is not necessary to use any special cleaners, but if you work in a hospital and are concerned about germs, you can easily disinfect the surface using disinfectant wipes or some of these approved cleaners.

You should avoid using an abrasive cleaners and hard or brillo sponges.

See the Difference VividBoards Make

Cleaning your whiteboard doesn't have to become a chore. To see the difference that our quality coating makes, get a free sample of one of our whiteboards today. To learn more about our variety of products, feel free to contact our team and ask us some questions.