4 Reasons to Choose InHarmony Changeable Glass

Jun 01, 2016

inHarmony changeable glass whiteboards

In an ever-changing healthcare environment, adaptability, flexibility and changeability are key. The ability to improvise and make decisions on the fly is demanded of healthcare professionals and at VividBoard, we hold our hospital dry erase boards to the same standards. Our newest product offering, InHarmony changeable glassboards, allow users to rotate customizable inserts easily behind a glassboard writing surface.

The ability to customize VividBoards is what makes them unique, but the application for that customization is what will equip your hospital with the best information tools possible. So, why should you choose our InHarmony glassboards? Here are four great reasons why: 

1.They Break Down Language Barriers

If you are running into language barriers with your patients, InHarmony allows you to easily slide out an insert to showcase information in a different language. You can even customize the inserts so one language is on the front and one is on the back.

With our boards, you will never have problems communicating with your patients, no matter what language they speak.

2.You Will be able to Navigate Different Care Plans

Whether it's the same wing, floor or room, InHamony changeable glassboards allow you to switch between different information based on the patient needs. Involving patients in their care plans is a great way to increase HCAHPS scores.

3.You Won't Fear Rebranding

If your hospital is going through a rebrand or merger, InHarmony helps you stay ahead of the curve. Instead of having to remove all of the whiteboards to accommodate the new brand, you can simply replace the inserts instead.

4.You Won't Ever Have to Worry About the Clean-up

VividBoards aren't afraid of hospital-grade cleaners, including Virex. The surface of the boards is naturally antimicrobial, and isn't harmed by the toughest cleaning tools. All it takes is a simple cloth to wipe away lines. No stains, and no faded lines. 

See for Yourself

Need another reason to check out our InHarmony hospital dry erase boards? How about the amazing quality of our materials? At VividBoard, we believe that once you see the difference our boards can make, you won't ever want to switch to another product. Get your free sample today!