What to Consider When Designing a Custom Whiteboard

Apr 09, 2016

designning a custom whiteboard

The custom whiteboards created by our VividBoard team are made to order. No two boards created for our clients are alike. You can fully customize your dry erase board size, frame, material and most importantly, the graphics and information that goes on it.

With endless possibilities, it's understandable if you don't know where to begin. That's why we have put together a mini-guide to help you choose which features are important to your custom whiteboard design.

What's Your Industry?

Custom whiteboards are the ultimate solution for any industry. Whether you are a nurse trying to find a better method of communicating with patients, a business owner looking to better organize boardroom meetings or a restaurant looking to display the daily specials, our design team can create a whiteboard that is tailored to your particular industry.

But what custom designs should you consider for your custom whiteboard? Our team has created a few videos and other literature that can help you get started.

If you are looking to design a patient room whiteboard, for example, you can consider including the following information on your whiteboard design:

  • Care team information: including the names of doctors and nurses as well as how to contact them.
  • Pain Scales: HCAHPS surveys include a question on pain management, which is why 75% of VividBoards include a pain scale.
  • Foreign languages: easily communicate with patients, no matter which language they speak.

You can also include patient goals, discharge information and any other necessities of the care plan.

Choose Your Board and Frame

Our custom designs aren't the only reason why VividBoards are useful in any industry. After you have chosen what will go on your whiteboard, you can choose which material it will be made out of.

Some of the styles that Vividboards come in are:

  • Classic: with both magnetic and non-magnetic surfaces.
  • InHarmony Changeable Glass: a glass dry erase board with a removable insert for flexibility
  • Combination: with the ability to include a tackable surface to your whiteboard design.
  • Sidewalk signs: outdoor signs designed to drive customers into your business.

Choose Your Size

Custom VividBoards come in standard sizes (from 18" x 24" all the way up to 4' x 8'). If you are looking for a particular size or shape, just say the words and our design team can create a custom board that fits your space.

Design Your WhiteBoard Today

From small patient boards to large boards for your conference room walls, our whiteboards can be specially made to be exactly what you ordered. Our design team will work with you to ensure that your order is entirely custom made to your specifications.

To request a quote, or get a sample of the VividBoard materials, contact our team today.

designning a custom whiteboard