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Ghent is Green

Ghent takes environmental preservation seriously. We don't just talk about it. We live it every day in how we operate and what goes into our custom whiteboard products. Undertaking green initiatives that reduce environmental pollution, operating efficiencies and waste are the pillars of our commitment to a more sustainable future. Here are just a few of our environmental facts:

  • The steel used to manufacture our custom whiteboards is 70% recycled
  • The hardboard (MDF) that we use for our whiteboards is 80% pre-consumer recycled content
  • Our aluminum frames are composed of a minimum of 75% post-industrial scrap
  • Our environmentally-friendly coating is VOC-free, so there are no emissions from the coating applied during or after the process. A thin film is applied to the whiteboards in a wet form using an electron beam, which uses very little energy (1 kilowatt/24 square meters) compared to other thermal or convection curing processes
  • We recycle 100% of the transfer paper used in the printing/sublimation process of our custom whiteboards
  • We supply alcohol-based markers with much less odor than the traditional acetone marker to accompany our whiteboards, which reduce irritation in sensitive environments such as hospitals
  • Our entire manufacturing process is CARB compliant with no formaldehyde emissions

In addition to the facts above, our company has undertaken numerous initiatives to drive down energy usage, recycle materials and drastically reduce solid landfill waste. Examples of such initiatives include company recycling programs, making smart use of daylight and energy saving lights, reusing scrap wood in shipping process, recycling manufacturing waste, new administrative processes and more.

Please join us in our quest to make a difference.


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