The Notes Behind The Name

Have you ever wondered how our products are named?  Sometimes products are named to honor those creating them, based on where they are going to be used, the way they look, or to be part of a family of products.

Our glassboards are designed with intention, created from high quality low iron glass, and Intertek Clean Air Certified or LEVEL 2® Certified to meet and exceed industry standards.  Like the high expectations you have of our products, our glassboards are named after musical and dance terms that require that same attention to detail and precision required to perform. Use them individually or in concert to create your collaboration masterpiece.

  Harmony Pattern Glassboard

HARMONY: The combination of simultaneously sounded musical notes to produce chords and chord progressions having a pleasing effect.

It's all in the details - just like the combination of notes needed to harmonize, Harmony glassboards pair square or round corners with matching polished silver standoffs.  Our water-based painting process is eco-friendly, which is why Harmony is the first glassboard certified LEVEL 2® from BIFMA. Sustainable with a modern aesthetic, our boards offer versatility in size, orientation, and color, giving you customization without the cost.

 Aria Glassboard in Jade

 ARIA: A long accompanied song for a solo voice, typically one in an opera or oratorio.

Achieve the look of weightless, floating glass. No visible hanging hardware or stand-offs allow the beauty of the frameless glass to complement any décor creating an unobstructed writing surface. With Aria Glassboards, you can be confident your board will never bow, strain, or move from the wall. Aria is certified LEVEL 2® from BIFMA.

 Coda Circle Glassboard Assorted Color

CODA: The concluding section of a dance, especially of a pas de deux or the finale of a ballet in which the dancer’s parade before the audience.

Look back on glass of the past and create a sense of balance with Coda Circle Glassboards. Art and function come together in concert to create an attention-grabbing visual communication tool. The look of weightless, floating glass to complement any décor creating an art display and unobstructed writing surface. Coda is certified LEVEL 2® from BIFMA.

 Hex Glassboard

HEX: A shape which features 6 equal sides.

As our only ½” thick glassboard, and available in a variety of surfaces, Hex is named not for a musical or dance term, but for it’s unique shape.  Designed to make common areas uncommon, Hex glassboards combine an exciting shape with low iron glass to leverage modern workspaces. Hex combines today’s needs for beautiful and unique spaces with materiality to communicate, collaborate, and learn.

 Pointe Mobile Glassboard and Partition

POINTE: Dance performed on the tips of the toes.

The Pointe Mobile Glassboard Partition marries a glass writing surface with the functionality found in most space-dividing partitions. An intentionally uncomplicated design, Pointe is constructed of a powder-coated steel frame with daisy-chain and glass writing surface. Find an option that fits your space. Pointe is certified LEVEL 2® from BIFMA.

stroll mobile row

STROLL: A dance where two lines of dancers face each other and mirror each other in a 6-count pattern. Couples then pair up from one end of the two line and slowly dance down the center aisle created by the two lines.

Brainstorm on-the-go with Stroll Mobile Glassboards. Stroll complements any space with four different styles and sizes available in a variety of color options, allowing for collaboration, acoustic buffering, or a tackable surface. Use the glass mobile alone, or line up multiple units to divide an open office. Whether you are brainstorming with a group, or in your office alone, our Stroll Glassboard is a versatile and exciting addition to your interior workspace.



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