How Design and Functionality in Workspaces is Important

Why Workspace Design?

Understanding the importance of physical systems, functionality and design in your office or workspace is paramount to the success of your business long-term. In today's offices, most employees are sharing space with coworkers, resulting in the need for processes. Designing a workspace that works for you takes time, but the results can make huge impacts on the quality of your work, mental wellbeing and client experience. 

Create a Culture, Not a System

Organization is a culture and state of mind. While it is partially about finding permanent places for items, it’s also about encouraging your team when the systems are taken to heart and creating a work climate that promotes healthy productivity, collaboration and solo work endeavors.

Here are five ways that implementing these behaviors can benefit you, your team and workplace morale:

  1. 1.  Reduces Stress – Working in a space that is disorganized, has limited functionality, and leaves you feeling overwhelmed takes a mental toll. By implementing organizational systems and pieces that give you a smoother workday, it can provide you and your team the mental space to enjoy work and life outside of work with more vigor.

  2. 2.  Improves Customer Interactions – How do you earn repeat business? Through quality customer service. Customers pick up on whether or not you and your business are efficient, so organized, and functional for you AND your clients.

  3. 3.  Saves You Time – In addition to organizing things, make sure to evaluate where and how you are spending your time. Notice any gaps during your day where you could be more on task, and eliminate things that throw you off.

  4. 4.  Increases Productivity – As we mentioned in the above point, when you stay organized you get time back into your day. Giving you more space to be productive with whatever will help you throughout the day. Whether that’s responding to emails you’re behind on, taking a walk around the building to get fresh air, or checking in with staff.

  5. 5.  Financial Management – Organization gives us the ability to know and analyze, track and manage finances with ease. Filing away papers for tax season, having systems to track spending and inventory, and being in the know helps keep money in a healthy place. 


Fitting In Function

Practically speaking, making your space more functional can require adding pieces to your space that give you the ability to make your day flow and your tasks get done faster. At Ghent, we make pieces that are configurable for multiple needs, not just one. Here are three of our favorite products, along with an exciting new product we recently launched that is sure to bring configurability and beauty to your space!

Pointe Mobile Glassboard is a multi-functional glassboard and space partition; and just so happens to be one of our newest product launches. With a powder-coated steel frame and glass writing surface, it’s a sleek take on a classic wall whiteboard. Line up multiple to create on-the-go workspaces or use one for a mobile, configurable writing solution.


Hygienic Porcelain Mobile Whiteboard offers many benefits – ones you might not expect! Infused with silver technology, our Hygienic Porcelain whiteboard (available in wall-mounted or mobile version), eliminates bacteria within 24 hours. This mobile whiteboard, built with durable casters and a sturdy aluminum frame, has a locking reversing mechanism integrated into it – making flipping to the other side easy.


Reed Acoustic Partition mitigates noise, creates impromptu workspaces, and offers privacy. Our acoustic PET fabric comes in seven colors, complementing the black base and frame, as well as your office. Part of a functional office is awareness around noise mitigation, and our Reed partition provides sound-reducing benefits on both sides of the panel, for 360 degrees of silence – and focus.


Bringing awareness to how you design your workspace is the first step. So take a look at your space, see where you could benefit from more structure and organization, and begin creating a work environment that gives back to you.

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