Key Tips to Communicating Through Bulletin Boards

Creating Conscious Communication

In today’s day and age, we consume so much information via our phones and computers. However, once in a while it’s nice to have a tangible visual and consume information “the old fashioned way”. Office bulletin boards can be a powerful communication tool to let your team know about upcoming events or training, fun tidbits or motivational quotes, and much more. However, its success largely depends on how you engage with it. 


The Benefit of Bulletin Boards

So, maybe you’re thinking “how can I get my staff to actually utilize a bulletin board?” We get it! In this digital age, engaging people can be tricky. Here are some ideas for bulletin boards to make the most out of your new communication tool:

  •   Introduce Staff: Feature new and old employees, and maybe even post fun “get to know me” information with each photo. A key part to keep people engaged with the team overall is creating community.

  •   Coming Up: Create a company calendar, where people can see scheduled training events, team building outings and various other opportunities. 

  • •  Target High-Traffic Locations: Hang your bulletin board in a place that is high-traffic, like the break room or a main touchpoint like an elevator or front desk area. 

  •   Keep Board Content Fresh: The tricky aspect of bulletin boards is that even the best ones can turn into a piece of wall decor. Keep staff involved by making sure content is refreshed often so that individuals get used to checking it often. 

  •   Enlist Your Team: If you are the only person updating the board, people are less likely to stay engaged. Get your team excited by involving them in updating info, posting important dates or meeting notes, etc. 

  •   Use Visuals: Even the best of us get bored when all we see is words! Using pictures and visuals to create interest. Visuals like graphs, charts, photos and posters make metabolizing information more fun.

In any aspect of life, communication is key to healthy relationships and understanding. Bulletin boards can act as a powerful tool in increasing communication. If you work in a traditional office, integrating a board in your break room would be a great place to ensure your staff notices it. Have an open office? No problem. If you have a space division or a main “hub” where your team meets for information, hang one there. The options are endless and whatever you decide to do, you’ll come out of the other side with better communication – through bulletin boards.

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